Sunday, December 15, 2013

Friday Favourites (on Sunday): Scented Candles

So I sort of forgot/ didn't have time to do this on Friday. Sorry. I was actually really busy though (I know excuses, excuses...). I had school and a driving lesson, and I had to go birthday present shopping, and then I had to babysit as well. And then I meant to do it yesterday afternoon, but my parents were having people over for dinner and I somehow volunteered/ got forced into making desert. So anyway sorry about this being so late, and this weeks Friday Favourites is scented candles.

I have really been loving scented candles lately. Especially Christmassy ones. I recently bought a 'Christmas Cupcake' one and it smells so good. I'm not sure that it is that Christmassy though, but it still makes my room smell really nice.

Freya x

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