Monday, September 30, 2013

Being Kinda Sociable for Once

Wow so I have been away from this blog for ages! For once I have actually been really busy; with school, attempting to write my personal statement, open days, driving lessons, trying to get a job (because my parents will not shut up about it). 

So anyway I thought I would tell you about a really fun night I had the other night. I actually went to two party's in one night. I know right, me? The girl who spends most Saturday nights watching films and marathoning TV shows? Yes, well anyway. This girl who I am friends with just turned 18, so she was having a party. It was a party in a hall which isn't really my kind of thing. I just always find them kind of awkward. Fortunately my friend does too, so we spent most of the time sitting around drinking and talking. So we stayed there for an hour, and then we were a bit bored so we were going to go back to my friends house and watch a film (being the extremely sociable people that we are ;)). But then my friend remembered that she had been invited to a house party as well, so we decided to stop by. It was pretty fun, although we had to leave quite early because one of my other friend's was being picked up at 11.30, and we had to drop her off. So then we went back to my friends house and watched Big Bang Theory (which, in my opinion, becomes a lot funnier at midnight) and ate Pizza.   

So that was pretty random, but I just felt like I wanted to write something so that this little blog doesn't feel too neglected :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So I took my driving theory test yesterday. I passed (yay!), but it was still a rather stressful experience. Not because of the actual test, which is reasonably straightforward as long as you have revised, but because of my unorganisedness (I am aware that that isn't a word, but it is really the best way to describe is so lets just pretend that it is).

On the morning of the test I was just about to get in the car when my mum asked "do you need your provisional licence". Until this moment I had completely forgotten the part of the email saying that I needed both the photo-card and paper part of my licence. So I ran back inside and found the photo-card easily enough. But I couldn't find the paper part anywhere. I was of course panicking and frantically emptying drawers onto my bedroom floor. My mum then suggested that I take my passport instead, which I couldn't find either.

Eventually I found my passport and we set off. I was still feeling apprehensive as it had specifically said on the email that you would need both parts.Luckily about 10 minutes into the journey my dad rang to say that he had found the paper part of my licence in his drawer. So he then had to try to make to the test centre in time. Fortunately he did, and I was able to sit the test.

Freya x

P.s I start school tomorrow and I think that I only have one pen that works, so the unorganisedness continues, and I evidently didn't learn from my mistake yesterday! ;)