Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Awkward Car Problems

So first of all, yes, I am still here, and I am very sorry for abandoning this blog for the past few weeks. I am sending you all virtual chocolate to get you to forgive me. Ok, now we are all friends again lets get on with the post.

Today I had to fill my car up at the petrol station for the first time! I know, not really a big deal, but I was actually pretty nervous. I dropped my brothers off at their school, and went to the petrol station nearby. I managed to fill up the car without spilling petrol all over my shoes, putting the wrong fuel in my car, or blowing anything up. I then went to pay and the man in the petrol station was like "Did you know that your tyre is flat?". So I looked over at my car sitting by the pump, and the front tyre was indeed flat. And by flat I don't just mean a little bit soft, I mean completely flat.   

I had somehow managed a 40 minute drive with a completely flat tyre, and I had not even noticed. It's a miracle we made it there safely. 

Fortunately they had one of the air pump things at this petrol station, and so I drove over there. Considering I was by myself and had no idea how to use the thing, I was pretty worried. I rang my dad to ask what the tyre pressure was, put it in, unscrewed the tyre cap and put the hose onto the tyre. It all seemed to be going fine. 

There was just one small problem - the tyre pressure was not actually going up. I started to panic - this must mean that my tyre has a huge puncture. I decided that I would have to drive to school (I mean I made it this far already), and then put the tyre on at lunch. I have no idea how to change a  tyre. One of the advantages of being a rather small 17 year old girl though is that I could just play the "I'm just a weak little girl, I need a strong man to help me", and get one of the boys to do it for me! (Although that is rather sexist and extremely unfeminist of me)

Another advantage of being a 17 year old girl - the man at the petrol station came out to see if I had managed to pump the tyre up. He saw that I hadn't, and decided to fill it up for me. There was a bit of an awkward being-hit-on-by-this-random-employee moment, but he was pumping up my tyre for me, so I decided to go with it. Anyway, turned out I had forgotten to push the button for the air! Nice one!

Eventually I got to school, I was late, but I made it. And fortunately my tyre stayed up all day, so I didn't even have to attempt to manipulate any boys into changing it for me!

Freya x


  1. Yay! You're back! :)
    Oh dear, that sounds like it would have been quite the experience. xD Was the guy at the station at least cute? :)
    Last summer, a group of friends and I were heading down to Boston and somehow, while driving on the highway, our tire managed to completely melt off of the what-ever-you-call-it that attaches the rubber to the metal part. We have absolutely no idea how it happened because we were going the speed limit. The joys of cars. :P

    1. No, he wasn't even cute! :( Haha
      That sounds awful! What did you do?

    2. Aww, that stinks. :P
      We put the spare on and slowly drove around trying to find a mechanics that was open on a Sunday afternoon! Very challenging by the way, I would never recommend someone seek mechanical help on a Sunday afternoon, not many places are open!

  2. Hey Freya, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award cause I think your blog is really great.

    Details are on my blog

    Beatriz xx

  3. Cute blog! i liked your posts!
    ~Your New Follower