Thursday, February 27, 2014

The time I accidentally booked a Driving Lesson during School

So today I thought I would tell you about the time that I accidentally booked a driving lesson during school time. Oh wait... that was yesterday. I haven't actually sorted the problem out yet.

So let me explain. I had a driving lesson yesterday, like I always do on a Wednesday. At the end of the lesson it came time to book a lesson for next week. I suddenly remembered that I couldn't do my usual time next week as I am going to a University visit day. So anyway, I suggested a different day and time that I thought I was free, and booked the lesson for then.

Our school has a two week timetable system, so it is different for week one and week two. My timetable stays pretty much the same, but I have a few single lessons instead of double lessons on a couple of days. So anyway, I was sitting in double psychology today, when suddenly at 12.00 everyone started packing up. I turned to the person next to me and said "Don't we have a double lesson today?"

Turns out it is next Thursday that I have a double lesson. But I already have a Driving Lesson booked for the second part of that double.

This leaves me with two options: skip class or cancel my driving lesson. Skipping Class would mean I have to find a way of convincing my mum to write a note saying I have a dentist appointment (or any other suitable appointment). Or I could of course just not turn up. But this is where we meet the second dilemma in the skipping-class solution. My classroom is right by the main door to go out of school, and has a huge window overlooking the car park - where my driving instructor will pick me up.

Now you are probably thinking just cancel the driving lesson. But the problem here is that my test is in two weeks time and so I really need that lesson.

Can anybody see some brilliant third option that I have completely overlooked? What would you do in this situation?

Freya x

Monday, February 24, 2014

Random Bursts of Motivation

Do you ever have those days where for no particular reason you are filled with intense motivation to do all of the things you keep telling yourself you will do? Well today was one of those days for me. It was the first day back after half term and although I had a free period first I decided to skip the extra 30 minutes in bed and go into school and get some work done. I didn't have many lessons so I was home by about 12. Normally on these Mondays I spend the day eating, watching YouTube videos and ignoring the homework that I should have done over the weekend. But as I mentioned already I was feeling quite motivated to get things done, so I did my homework, did some revision, cleared out my closet (I can't believe how many clothes I had in there that haven't been worn for at least a year), tidied my bedroom and even did a little bit of exercise. And now here I am writing a blog post. I'd say it has been a pretty productive day.

Freya x

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I am a Terrible Friend

Do you guys remember me saying that I was going to go on holiday with my friends this summer? Well yesterday afternoon I went round my friend June's house, and one of my other friends, Taylor, came as well, and we were looking up holidays. We found two hotels which we loved which were both within our price range. So we started getting really excited, especially me and June as I guess we are just a little bit over excitable about these things. We sent links of the hotels to Gee, who also loved them. So we decided that we would book it this week, and everything seemed to be working out perfectly.

I should probably mention here that my friend, Indie, was meant to be coming as well, but decided a couple of weeks ago that she couldn't afford it. This was fine by us, as it actually made things easier (because it is easier to find a 4-person room than a 5-person room). So anyway this-morning me and June were still saying to each other on Facebook how excited we were etc., and looking at how awesome these hotels looked, and checking reviews on TripAdvisor. But then this-afternoon Taylor sent a message on Facebook to me, Gee and June saying that she can't go because she wants to save for University.

She also said all this stuff like "I'm sorry for ruining your holiday", and "please don't be mad at me" and so on. I know it isn't her fault, but I am actually really quite annoyed at her. I know - I am an awful friend. But it is just that I really really wanted to go, and I was really looking forward to it, and now it isn't going to happen. I know I shouldn't be annoyed, but I can't stop thinking that she should just pay for it with her own money, like the rest of us are, instead of asking her parents to pay. She might not have the money right now, but couldn't she borrow the rest of her parents, and then get a summer job and pay them back?

June and Gee have replied saying all the nice things you are supposed to say, but I just can't bring myself to say that I don't mind. Maybe it means I am a horrible person, and an awful friend. And maybe it shows how selfish I am. But I do mind. And I am annoyed about it.

It just really sucks.   

Freya x

*I apologise for how badly written and Ranty/Angsty this post probably was.*

Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Little Trip To York

On Friday I went up to York for a University visit day. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon, so that meant that I had some time to look around York on Friday evening and Saturday morning. It is a gorgeous city - I forgot to bring my camera though, so I don't have any photos - and I had a really nice time. I was cold though - it is up North after all - so I ended up consuming far too many Hot Chocolates, and Chai Lattes as well, and not forgetting some good, strong Yorkshire Tea - so basically a lot of Hot Drinks.

When we arrived on Friday it was about 4pm and it was pouring with rain, so we quickly got on a bus to our hotel. Fortunately it stopped raining around 6, so we could go out and get some dinner. Of course it started raining again, so we quickly ducked out of the rain and into Prezzo, where I had a delicious dinner of Bruschetta, Pizza and Raspberry Cheesecake. Yum. 
The next day we decided that rather than eating breakfast in the hotel we would go out and find somewhere for breakfast, since thankfully it wasn't raining. So I had a huge breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and hot chocolate, and I thought I wouldn't be able to eat again all day. I did manage a ham and cheese panini by lunch time though. We spent the rest of the morning wandering around the city and doing a bit of shopping. Then we went to the university were we were shown around and told about the course etc.

It was then time to head home, so we collected our bag and started the 4 hour journey home. It wasn't such a bad journey since I had Starbucks and the Company Paris issue to keep me occupied. I do really want to go to Paris after reading that though. And to start dressing like one of those effortlessly-cool French girls. Don't be surprised if you see me walking round in a beret some time soon. 

Freya x