Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Favourites: No7 Nail Varnish

So I recently got a set of No7 nail varnishes from my friend as a Christmas present. I have only tried out one colour so far, and that is 'Damson Dream' (don't you just love the names of nail varnish colours?!).

It is actually a lot more reddy than it looks in the picture, and I think that it is quite a Christmassy colour. The nail varnish is slightly shimmery and it looks really pretty. It goes on well and after one coat your nails are looking pretty good, I still always go with two coats though. The other colours also look really nice, so I am excited to try those out as well.

Freya x

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  1. Hey! I'm wearing the same colour right now :) I'm sure it will look lovely on you