Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A night full of absolute Hilarity

On Monday evening I went on another trip to Brighton, this time to see Russell Howard. For those of you who don't know Russell Howard is a British Comedian, who also has a TV show - 'Russell Howard's good news'. Here is a little video I found on YouTube in case you are curious:

His TV show is hilarious, so I was pretty excited about seeing him live. He did not disappoint, I was laughing for pretty much the entire time! There are some jokes which can be a little awkward when you are with your parents (I went with my dad and two of my brothers), but he is still really really funny.

Have you been to see any comedians live?

Freya x  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Brighton and my First Ever Shift as a Waitress

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was a pretty busy one. On Saturday I went to Brighton to celebrate my friends birthday. We spent the morning shopping (with a hot chocolate break of course), and then went to an Italian restaurant in the lanes for lunch. Then after lunch we wandered round the lanes a bit. If you haven't been to Brighton, the lanes are all these tiny little streets full of cute little shops and caf├ęs. They are very easy to get lost in, and we ended up walking past the same shop about 5 times before we realised that we were going in circles.

We then walked down to the pier. It was really windy and cold, so we decided to stay inside in the amusements bit instead of going on the rides which are outside. We played air hockey and guitar hero, and attempted to win some teddy bears, and then went back to the high street for some more shopping. It was a really nice day, especially since I haven't been to Brighton for ages.

On Sunday I had a Trial Shift at a pub/restaurant near my house. I was really nervous because I have never Waitressed (is that a word?) before, and I am really clumsy so I thought I would spill a drink all down someone or something. It all went fine though, I only messed up once, and all I did was take someones card out of the machine too early so it didn't work. Not really a big deal. So I now have my first ever job (apart from babysitting, but that doesn't really count)!

Freya x

Monday, March 10, 2014

Ellie Goulding

First of all, I want to say sorry that I haven't written for a while, I have just been so insanely busy that I really haven't had a spare minute to sit down and write a blog post. Anyway...

Last night I went to see an Ellie Goulding concert with a few of my friends. If you read this post then you might remember me saying that I don't particularly like concerts, but after last night my opinion has definitely been changed. It was such an amazing night!

The concert was at the O2 arena in London, which is huge. We got there quite early, so we had plenty of time to get a nice meal in one of the many restaurants. We then went into the sky lounge, which you get to go into for free if you are a sky customer. You get given wristbands, and walk up a red carpet to get there, and you also get a picture taken of you and your friends, so it is really cool. There is also a bar there, so we could get some drinks, and it is literally right behind the stage. 

We then went and found our seats, which were really good, and waited for the support act to come on. And then it was time for Ellie Goulding!

She was amazing! It was such a brilliant concert, and she can really sing - some artists don't sound very good live, but that isn't the case with Ellie Goulding. I really liked the fact that she sung quite a few of her old songs, like 'The Writer', and 'Your Song' (an Elton John cover which I absolutely love), as well as her new songs. 'Your Song' was probably my favourite because it was so nice how everyone sang along for the entire song, not just the chorus. I really loved 'Burn' as well though... well actually, I loved all of them!

She seemed really genuinely grateful whenever everyone was cheering etc., which I thought was really nice. And she was also pretty awesome when she got everyone to dance near the end, and she said that she can't really dance, and stuff. It was all just so much fun!

It was a really fantastic night, and I would definitely recommend going to see her if you ever get the chance!

Freya x