Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Growing Up

On Friday I went round my friend's house, she can drive now so she picked us (me and 3 other friends) up from school. Being in a car driven by my friend I actually felt so grown up. Grown up in a good way. The type of grown up that gives you freedom and independence.

But lately I have also been feeling like I am grown up in a bad way. The kind of grown up where I have to make big life decisions. I say that this is 'grown up in a bad way' because it is scary, and I don't know if I am ready to make decisions that could affect my whole future. But will I ever be ready? Is anyone ever ready? Does anyone really know what they want to do? Maybe a few do. But I think that for most of us we just have to take the leap. We have to decide something, and hope to god that we chose well.

I went to a University fair with school last week and I think that I have decided that I want to study psychology. What I want to do after that I don't know. But hey, I still have a few years to figure that one out.

Freya x

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My Current Clothes Wishlist

I got let out of school 15 minutes early today, so I had some time to kill, which I spent browsing in New Look. I didn't actually plan on buying anything, but as I'm sure I have mentioned I have a little obsession with New York, so I just couldn't resist this t-shirt:
Black (Black) Black Lost My Heart NYC T-Shirt | 278061701 | New Look
I also saw another T-shirt that I wanted:
Charcoal (Grey) Grey Nerdy Cat T-Shirt | 276170603 | New Look
I personally think that I am a bit too nerdy, to wear any of these 'Nerd' or 'Geek' T-shirts that lots of people are wearing, but for this one I could make an exception. You can buy it here.

I also saw a really nice dress, but I can't find a picture of it unfortunately. My wardrobe basically consists of Jeans and T-shirts, and I never really wear dresses, but the weather is starting to warm up a bit...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Life lessons

So I am back from skiing (a day early because it decided to pour with rain for all of yesterday and ruin all the snow), and while I was there I learnt a valuable life lesson. This lesson was: Always shave your legs - even when you are going on a ski holiday with your family.

Let me explain. Friday night we were on our way to the ski resort, we stopped at a service station to get some dinner and fill up the car. I was (for a reason that I don't remember) racing my brother to the door. We were running. There were some small steps. I didn't see these steps (it was dark remember. Next thing I know I am lying on the ground, with the blood from my knee soaking into my jeans. That makes it sound worse than it was, there wasn't much blood.

So a couple of hours of driving later and we have arrived. I get out of the car and my knee has swelled up to approximately the size of Australia.

Now skip ahead to saturday morning and I am in the pharmacy with my dad, having already dropped my brothers off for their snowboard lesson - which I was meant to be taking with them. Neither me nor my dad can speak much french, so we were trying to explain to the woman that we needed something for my knee. So eventually my dad tells me to just show her my knee. I was thinking "no, my legs are so hairy at the moment", but luckily I had the excuse that I was dressed in full ski gear. 

We managed to explain it to the woman in the end, so all was well. But guys seriously remember this lesson! 

Freya x

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am going snowboarding tomorrow, so I will be away from the blog for a week or so. I have never been snowboarding before, and as I heve probably told you before I am terrible at pretty much all sports (if I haven't then I will tell you now: I am terrible at sports), so I am not sure how well it is going to go. I will probably have a very bruised bum by the end of it.

The main problem at the moment is that (1) you need to wake up early and (2) you need to actually have some energy after doing so. Something which I do not have at the moment. I am so tired. I am huge-dark-circles-under-my-eyes tired. All-I-want-to-do-is-sleep tired. I-didn't-know-you-could-be-this-tired-in-the-holidays tired.

Freya x

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hello April...

Wow, I can't believe it is April already. March went by so quickly.

It certainly doesn't feel like April. It was snowing yesterday! This is crazy, and as much as I love snow this weather is unacceptable. It is meant to be spring. We are meant to be putting away our hats and scarves, and getting ready for summer.

Freya x