Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What beautiful weather...

Hahahahaha not at all! It has been pouring with rain since Sunday, and it is getting depressing! However it is the perfect weather for curling up in bed and watching films/TV shows, which is what I am doing at the moment.Well I would be anyway if my internet wasn't being so slow... Anyway that pretty much sums up my weekend as well, except for Saturday when I went to the cinema to see House at the end of the street. We had to practically drag one of my friends in because she hates scary movies, she was even scared by chronicle (not a scary film at all by the way)! Well anyway I am glad that we did because it is a really good film, and her face was hilarious!

I realize that I have been away for a while, it is mostly because I have nothing interesting going on in my life right now. It is pretty much just school, homework and constant tiredness. Something exciting (or at least different) almost happened because I was going to get tickets to see The Black Keys in December, but it is the day before I go on holiday so I can't go.

So anyway that's all I really have to say for now,


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So much homework :(

So as you probably guessed by the title of this post I have been getting so much homework lately! Seriously I get homework from all of my subjects EVERY DAY, and being the procrastinator that I am I never do it on the night it is set, always the night before it is due in. So of course it just builds up and now I have so much, which sucks. Oh my god I hate homework so much! I am also so tired at the moment because I have to wake up so early for school, but when I get into bed at night I am just not tired any more so I don't get to sleep for ages. It is so annoying!

While I am having a little moan about school I might as well say that I am freaking out a little bit because I still have no idea what I want to do with my life, which I wasn't too bothered about until my Extended Project lesson yesterday. I still have no idea what to do it about and my teacher was going round the class asking what we were thinking of doing it on, when she got to me I was like "um... maybe something to do with history... or psychology", and so she asked what university I wanted to go to, so I told her I didn't know (inside I am also screaming "I don't even know what I want to study...") and she just gave me this utterly despairing look. Then she told me to look on the websites of some I might go to and pick a topic off of the first year course, I just kind of nodded not wanting to tell her I don't have a clue at all. And then later on my friend said that we have to decide by the end of this year - OH MY GOD! I do actually have one university I want to go to - it has been a totally unrealistic dream of mine to go to Columbia in New York (mostly because I love the city!). I say unrealistic because 1. I will probably never get in and 2. I probably couldn't afford it anyway, I mean American universities are among the most expensive in the world.

Well anyway my dinner is ready so I have to go... :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I know that the paralympics are over now, but I am still catching you up on my summer... We managed to get tickets for athletics last monday, which was the day before I started school. I went up there with my family and just before we went through the security my mum realized that two of the tickets were for the next day! I know how stupid can my parents be! They then decided that we should try to get in with them anyway, which I knew wouldn't work, but did they listen? Of course not. And guess what happened... they scanned the tickets and said two were for the wrong day, and me and my dad had to be escorted out! How embarrassing is that?

Me and my dad got dinner at a yummy brazillian restaurant and then got on the train back home, he decided to drive straight to work (he works up north for most of the week) so I had to be picked up by his driver (who seems to have picked me up quite a few times this summer, he even took me and K to Essex so now everyone thinks that I am really rich! Which I am not by the way, well I don't think so anyway...). The night hadn't turned out too badly considering, until I got home and found all the doors and windows locked (a rare occasion in my house) and that my mum who was in the Olympic stadium had the key. By this time it was about 9.30 and I knew that my family wouldn't be back until midnight, so I didn't know what to do. Seeing as it was the first day of school the next day I couldn't really go round anyone's house so I decided to watch films in the summer house until they came home. That was fine until I decided to go to sleep, because then I kept hearing creepy sounds outside...

I went to the paralympics the next night and it was really good! I was so tired though after going to bed at about 12.30 and having to wake up at 6.30 two nights in a row!

Monday, September 10, 2012


As I said in my last post last week was my first full week back at school, actually it was my first week of sixth form. Which means that I no longer have to wear uniform, get free periods and can go in and out of school whenever I want (as long as I don't have a lesson of course). There are also boys in the sixth form which I thought would be weird having been at an all girls school for five years, but it actually isn't. So so far sixth form is looking good, although the first week is always easy and I know that I am going to start getting homework this week :( Anyway...

Reading: 'That summer' by Sarah Dessen. I fell in love with this author after reading 'The truth about forever' (multiple times) and 'lock and key' so when I saw a couple of books by her in the library I immediately rented them. I haven't had much time to read lately so I haven't finished it yet, so far it is good, but I don't like it as much as the other two that I mentioned.

Watching: Revenge - I absolutely love this show! There is so much drama and excitement and I think it is getting near the end of the series so it is getting so good now! Also it's Monday so it is on tonight, which meant it was the first show I thought of. You should definitely watch it, although you have to start from the beginning or you won't understand it at all. I am also still in love with Gossip Girl, which I forgot about a bit until I watched it round my friends house on Saturday, so I am probably going to start obsessively watching that again soon!

Working on: Not procrastinating about everything. I had the whole summer to come up with something to do my extended project on, but I only started thinking about it the other day. I now have until Friday to find one (if anyone has one I will love you forever!) and read two books/articles about it and write about them, so I am really wishing I had done that sooner. That's just one example of something I have been procrastinating about lately, but I am sure there are plenty more...   

Listening to: I was looking through my ipod the other day and I realised how much rubbish music there is on there (seriously I have a ton of glee cast songs on there which is just embarrassing...) so I am going to spend tonight downloading loads of new songs and sorting it out. There i go with the procrastination again (I really need to do my German homework). Anyway I have recently remembered why I used to love maroon 5 so much, so that's what I have been listening to lately. I also love this song:

Eating: Subway! Since we are aloud to go out of school for lunch now me and my friends seem to be going here a lot. I love it, and hey it's healthier than McDonalds...

Wishing: That summer holidays could last longer, I am not looking forward to weeks of waking up early, constantly being tired and homework... I also wish that we were allowed to wear shorts to school because it is actually really hot at the moment, but for some reason my school is stupid and won't let us. Surely they are better than skirts?

Anticipating: Christmas! I know it is ages away but we were talking about it today and I am actually really excited. I am going to Thailand this year at Christmas which is going to be so good!

Friday, September 7, 2012

We heart it

Hey, I haven't posted in ages because I haven't had time as I went to Essex for a week, then helped out at guide camp when I came back and then this has been my first week back at school! :( I will explain about all that later though because I can't be bothered to write at the moment so I am just going to show you some cool pictures I found on we heart it: