Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A week in the life of me, Day 6 & 7

So this is the final day of me telling you what I have been doing every day, and even though I slipped up on a couple of days I think I am going to miss blogging about my day every evening.

I will start with yesterday which was pretty uneventful as I had a really bad cold, so spent most of the day lying around watching TV. I am sorry for not blogging yesterday but I had a horrible headache and when I went on my computer it got even worse, and I just didn't feel like it.

So that was yesterday, very exciting I know ;) Today I went to the cinema to see "Magic Mike" with some of my friends. It is basically just about some male strippers, there is not really much of a plot but it stars Alex Pettyfer and Channing Tatum so no complaints there. One of my friends and I had also wanted to see spiderman, but Magic Mike was in the deluxe so we chose that, something which we kind of regretted afterwards as the film wasn't amazing. After that I walked back to the station with one of my friends, we had a quick look round H&M and bought an Ice cream (not from H&M of course) and then went home. When I got home I went for a swim, and then sat around on the deck tanning and reading my book. At the moment I am reading "a gathering light" by Jennifer Donnelly, but I have just started it so I can't tell you if it is good or not.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A week in the life of me, Day 5

Today was another sunny day, so my family all decided to go sailing and forced me to come. Normally I would just stay home and babysit my little brother, but since he was sailing too I had to join in with my family. I don't mind sailing,but only on either some sort of luxury yacht (wouldn't that be nice?), or one of those tiny one man boats. I know this is strange, but to me one of those little boats feels much safer than the boat that my parents have. There wasn't much wind today so sailing was actually kind of fun, and I got to helm (steer) for most of it, luckily we were out at sea so there wasn't much for me to crash into!

We didn't get back from sailing til about 5 so that was all I did today really, apart from the usual watching TV etc. On the way to the sailing club we sat in the trailer, which was actually quite fun when my dad went fast :) We did get some strange looks from people who were probably thinking "so this is what people round here do for fun..." the fact that we were eating cupcakes and my little brother and cousin were trying to shoot people with water pistols may have added to the strangeness a little bit...

A week in the life of me, Day 4

Sorry about my lack of a post yesterday. It was not because I was doing anything exciting, I watched Date Night and then tried to type it on my ipod, but it hates blogger so I couldn't actually type anything more than a sentence. This post will probably still be short because E is probably going to come round in a minute and no-one actually knows that I have this blog.

Yesterday was actually sunny, so most of the day was spent hanging out in my back garden with E, my brother and another one of my cousins. Then I got dragged to a barbecue full of old people by my family, so that was fun (haha not really). Then we cycled home, I watched Date Night and went to bed. Not a very exciting day, but since it is a rare occasion to have actual sun in this country sunbathing etc. was pretty nice.

Today is another sunny day so I am going to go and enjoy the sun, but now that I have turned my computer on I might be stuck here for a while...

Friday, July 20, 2012

A week in the life of me, day 3

Today didn't get off to a great start: I was woken up at 7 by my brothers (who still have school) singing, shouting and kicking footballs at my door. Now let me tell you I am not a morning person, so I was not at all happy about this, but getting out of my warm, cosy bed to shout at them was just too much effort. Despite my early start to the day I didn't really do much until about 11 when my cousin 'E' came over (the one I went to see the olympic torch with), unless you count answering the door to a man come to pick up my dads car whilst in my pyjamas with horrible bed hair! When E came round we went on the trampoline for about 5 minutes, before deciding it was too cold and going inside to play on the Wii. The sun came out in a bit though, so we swiveled the TV round and played Just Dance on my balcony. We got a few strange looks for that!

We decided that since it was her first day of summer we needed to go over to the beach, so off we went with the intention of just sticking our toes into the sea. When we got over there however we thought that although the sea was freezing it would be a much better idea to see how far along the brake-water (/groynes?) we could walk... maybe not! We weren't planning on getting very wet but I might as well have gone swimming my clothes were that wet. You see when we were walking along we had forgotten about these things called waves... Also at one point (we didn't go out very far though) we had to step down, and since E is taller I let her go ahead to see if it carried on or not, not realising that there wasn't anything on the other side. So I ended up hanging onto a post trying not to fall into the water, meaning I was now dripping wet and covered in green gunk! We must have looked pretty strange walking back, considering there was absolutely no-one swimming! After that we dried off, got some lunch and then went to play a bit of tennis in my back garden. We are not much good, so most of the time was spent getting the ball out of various bushes. We had fun making those grunting noises tennis players make and wierding out my neighbours though!

We didn't really do much after that, just watched TV really until my brothers came home from school and we went to play some family cricket... great (sarcasm). It wasn't too bad until my little brother did his usual of going off in a mood when he got out. So that was pretty much my day, apart from some more TV watching (I know I watch far too much). I am now going to go and watch step up because I love the second one and have also seen the third, but never the first one.

I hope you are having a good summer so far :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A week in the life of me, Day 2

I know the day isn't over yet but I am pretty sure that nothing else is going to happen in my utterly boring life. Seriously right now I am actually wishing that there was some drama in my life, which is a bit crazy, but it is just BORING right now and all my friends are either away or haven't finished school yet.

So today I went shopping with my mum because she seems to think that summer is actually going to come (sun in England? Not very likely lol) so she had to go and buy a ton of stuff. Cue me walking through town looking like an idiot carrying a camping chair, cricket bat and paddles for my little brothers dinghy. We also bought some tennis rackets, a picnic bag thing and some trackies - oh what an exciting shopping trip that was! (sarcasm if you hadn't guessed). After that we went home and I watched TV in my room whilst hiding from the cleaner, I never know quite what to do when she is round, and then I went horse riding. And that was pretty much my day, I am currently sitting in my room having just finished watching some gossip girl on my laptop (I told you I am addicted). Yep very exciting ;)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A week in the life of me, Day 1

Hi! I have been away for ages again, sorry. I keep telling myself that I will blog more , but... Anyway I saw this on another blog (can't seem to come up with any of my own ideas lately can I?) and I thought that since it is summer now it would be a good way for me to get blogging :) I kept meaning to do this post today but my cousin was here all day, and then I watched some gossip girl on my laptop (I am addicted), and then I had to watch the next episode because of course it ended on a cliffhanger. I am rambling now, sorry :)

So without further ado I present Day 1:
I had to drag myself out of bed at 7.45 this morning which would be considered a lie in on a school day, but since I have had weeks of sleeping in felt like about 5 in the morning! I was off to see the olympic torch come through my town! So we drove up there, dropped my brother off as he was in the parade and went to find a good spot to watch. We had a long wait before the torch came, which my cousin and I filled with trying to aquire as much free stuff as possible. First we were given little union jack flags to wave, then balloons, and then we remembered seeing a coca-cola lorry drive past us earlier on. So off we went pushing through the crowds in search of a free coke. (I am going to have to keep this post short because I am typing it on my ipod and for some reason the internet keeps closing itself down which is a bit annoying.) We also got some sort of coca-cola trays and some green ribbon things. The actual torch wasn't that exciting after all the waiting but I am glad to have seen it and the carnival parade that followed was nice. We then went home, my little brother, cousin and I had a picnic on the landing (it was too cold outside) and the rest of the day was spent on the wii and playstation, and watching TV.

I will now say goodnight before my internet can go off again and I have to write those last few sentences for the third time.
^ As i was typing that guess what happened...!? Night night :)