Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Time I was a Rebel and Skipped Class

My life is pretty much made up of school, stress and exhaustion right now, and there really isn't much room for anything else. So I thought that rather than boring you with the (lack of) stuff going on in my life right now I would tell you a story from last year. In case you hadn't guessed from the title, this is about the time that I was totally rebellious and decided to skip class. I think that I may have actually skipped class before this, but basically me and my friend, Lu, decided to skip class in pretty much the dumbest way possible.

So last year I was really lucky to have German with one of my best friends, Gee. She wasn't there on this day, but I went to class anyway. Everyone who I normally sat with in German was away, apart from Lu, which was surprising as he did not even turn up that often. We were sitting there and it was pretty much the most boring and pointless lesson ever. We were all making a board about the German trip, which neither of us had actually gone on (me and Gee had been on the same trip a couple of years before). We figured that there really wasn't much point in us being there, so we hatched a plan to escape. I should probably mention that our teacher was new, so we figured that we would be able to get away with it. We decided that we wold tell our teacher that we were going to the Library to do some research because the laptops were too slow, and just hope that she didn't notice that we had all our stuff with us.

We just about managed to keep straight faces whilst asking or teacher if we could go the library, and we managed to subtly pick up our stuff as we walked out the door. As soon as we were out of the door we collapsed into giggles, we had made it out, our plan had worked, and it was the greatest felling ever.

So we walked into town and both went our separate ways home, and it wasn't until the next day when we received angry emails from the attendance officer that we remembered that we were supposed to go back at the end of the lesson. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Concert Experiences

So everyone loves concerts, right? Hearing your favourite band playing live, seeing them in the flesh and singing along and screaming along with hundreds of other fans. Not much could be better than that. For most people at least. For me even a trip to the dreaded dentist, or even worse the orthodontist (having your braces tightened is painful), would be better than a crowded concert, full of sweaty, screaming fans.

Although I can't really conclusively say that I don't like concerts at all, having only been to two concerts in my life. The first doesn't even really count as a proper concert. Our school won a competition which meant that we got to have a concert in our school hall. The artists performing were Chipmunk, who I was obsessed with at the time, and You Me at Six, who at the time I had never even heard of. It took place after school, and me and my friends were so excited, so we ran straight from our last lesson into the Hall. I was in year 9 at the time, which was the youngest year allowed to attend, so rather than standing in the main part of the hall, we had to sit on the raised platform t the side. We thought that this would spoil the fun, but it was actually great as it gave us an amazing view of the stage. Now that I think about I actually had a pretty good time at that concert, so I don't really know why I am including it in a post about how I don't like concerts, but like I said it doesn't really count as a proper concert.

The second concert that I attended was last summer. Again it wasn't a normal concert, it was more of a one day festival, with multiple acts. Although nowhere near as much fun as a real festival because there was no camping, and despite the fact that there were rides and food trucks, we didn't get to experience these due to the fact that my friends insisted on standing right at the front where we stuck in the middle of a crowd. It opened an hour or two before the first act came on, and of course since my friends wanted to be at the front we got there an hour or two before that. This meant a lot of waiting around, which would have been fine, if it weren't for the fact that it was the most scorchingly hot, sunny day, and we were in the middle of London (I should probably clarify that the concert was outside). So we were sweating before the crowds even packed in, and the concert started.

The concert began with a band unknown to me, who were surprisingly good. The crowd was packed in close, but not too close so there was room to move and room to breathe. However, as each act went on it got hotter and hotter, and more and more people were trying to get close to the front. At some point some drunk middle aged men managed to get next to us, instead of the very lovely boys we had been next to all day and chatting to between acts. This was where things started to go downhill. These two men were very annoying, and not just to us to everyone around us as well. I don't particularly remember what they were doing, but I do remember them spilling beer all over me and one of my friends.

By this point there were only one or two acts until the main headliners - Mumford and Sons - so it was getting very cramped. And this was the point where I started panicking about how close I was to all these people. And I was so hot. And my legs wouldn't stop shaking. And I had a terrible headache. And I needed to drink water, but it was difficult because now my hands were shaking too. And I was worried that I might faint. And I just wanted to go. But I didn't want to fight my way through all of the people, and I knew that if I left my friend would come too, and I didn't want to ruin it for her. But eventually after her giving me a lot of worried glances during Ben Howard, and me attempting to smile and reassure her that I was fine, we left. We still saw the music, we just sat on the grass outside the big crowd, where plenty of other people were also enjoying the music, whilst our other friends stayed at the front.

I didn't faint, but I didn't have a great time either.

And that my friends is why I don't like concerts. I have someone managed to allow my friends to persuade me to attend an Ellie Goulding concert in March though.  

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favourites: Gossip Girl

So I have just finished watching the Gossip Girl finale episode. I have been watching the whole show from series 1 to 6 on Netflix - not all today of course. I'm not going to lie, now that I have finished it I don't really know what to do my life. What do people who aren't obsessed with TV shows actually do?

So anyway Gossip Girl is an amazing show. It has drama, New York City, and amazing clothes. What else could you want in a TV show? Oh right, some hot guys to look at... well it has those too, and here is a picture of the gorgeous Chace Crawford (Nate in Gossip Girl) to prove it to you.

Freya x

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Couple of Little Updates


I thought that I would give you guys a little update on my new years resolutions so that hopefully I can inspire you to keep going with your own or more likely make you feel better, knowing that you aren't the only one failing.

1) Eat Healthier/ Exercise more - I am failing miserably at this new years resolution so far. I have as usual been eating way too much junk food, and spending my time watching Netflix/ YouTube.

2) Make the most of the rest of the school year (spend more time with my friends) - I think that I am doing pretty well at this one. I went out to dinner with my friends on Saturday to catch up since we hadn't seen each other at all over the holidays, and we have decided that we are all going to go on holiday after exams this summer. I am really excited about that, although I do need to stop spending so much money, and start saving. It is going to be difficult, there are so many things that I want to buy right now...

3) Think about big decisions properly - I have sort of not really been thinking about where I want to go to uni much, but at this current moment I do have tabs open of all of the unis I am thinking of going to, so I can compare the courses, and I have booked a couple of visit days so that I can have a look around. This brings me quite nicely onto the other thing I wanted to update you guys on...


So as of Friday I actually have an offer from all of the Universities that I a applied to! I am so surprised and excited! Now there is just the question of narrowing it down to only two of them - a firm and insurance choice.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Favourites: Divergent

So, Friday Favourites has been away for a couple of weeks, but this week it is back, and the thing that I have been loving this week is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I got this book for Christmas, but didn't start reading it til Monday, and I finished it today (pretty good timing right?). Fortunately I also got the second book for Christmas, as Divergent was brilliant and I really want to find out what happens next.

Divergent is about a 16 year old girl named Beatrice. The city she lives in is divided into 5 factions, and at the age of 16 everyone must choose which faction they wish to belong to - they can stay in their current faction or transfer to a different faction. But before they can become full faction members they must complete initiation, failure to complete this will leave Beatrice factionless. So she must compete against the other initiates in her chosen faction, and of course there is more to the story than that - a dangerous secret which she cannot let anyone discover.

As I already mentioned I really enjoyed this book. If you like the Hunger Games books then I think you will definitely enjoy it too. Also the film is coming out this year, so if you are going to watch that you should really read the book first. I am a firm believer that you have to read the book first.

Freya x

Monday, January 6, 2014

Paper Towns

So I got the book Paper Towns by John Green for Christmas, and well basically I just wanted to recommend it to all you guys and say how amazing it is. Although I may be slightly biased due to the fact that I am a huge John Green fan.

Anyway as you guys may have noticed I am not great at summaries of books or films. Or reviews in general for that matter. So I thought that what I would do instead of a proper review is put up some of my favourite quotes from the book. (Don't worry if you haven't read the book it won't spoil it for you).

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Years Resolutions

I'm back! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and your new year is off to a good start.

I figure that since it is only the 4th of January I still have time for a new years resolutions post. 
  1. Eat healthier and exercise more often. I think that these two go together really, and so basically this one is just about being healthier (and hopefully losing some weight in the process?). 
  2. Make the most of the rest of the school year. This is my last year of school and in October I will be at university somewhere completely new, with completely different people. So I want to spend as much as time as possible with my friends before we leave, and I want some awesome memories. 
  3. Think about big decisions properly. I am awful at making decisions, if I don't know what to do I will just push it to the back of my mind, and then at the last moment I will make a snap decision which isn't always the right one. 
I think that that is all really. I always fail at my new years resolutions, so the less to fail at the better, right?

Freya x