Monday, October 28, 2013

25 facts about me

1. Apparently you can tell a lot about a person by how they like their tea, so I like mine with milk and two sugars

2. Since I just mentioned Tea I might as well mention Scones as well. I think you have to put the jam on first and then the cream. Some people do it the other way around, which I cannot understand ;)

3. I am addicted to YouTube

4. My favourite drink in Starbucks is a Chai latte

5. I love storms

6. I will always believe that Gif should be pronounce Gif not Jif

7. I want to visit every continent before I die

8. I really really hate mushrooms. Seriously guys they are disgusting

9. I once tripped over my own feet and fell flat on my face whilst crossing the road

10. I love John Green books

11. I love Ice Skating. I would absolutely love to go to Ice Skating in Hyde Park this Christmas.

12. My favourite pizza topping is ham and pineapple

13. I went to dance classes (tap, ballet and modern) from the age of about 4 - 11, but I am awful at dancing

14. I never sing in front of people. I don't sing when I am by myself either actually, so basically I never sing. Except for campfire songs when I am helping out at camp

15. I am not a morning person

16. At the moment I am obsessed with tomato cup-a-soup. I think it is because we have a kettle in our common room this year, so I keep making it at school

17. I always get way too competitive when playing monopoly

18. The last song I listened to was Icarus by Bastille

19. I normally trip while I'm walking at least once a day

20. At one point when I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer. I also wanted to be a nanny, and a movie producer

21. The first time I went on a plane was to go to new-zealand, I don't remember it though

22. I hate the fact that facebook now tells people when you see their message, it means I can't pretend I didn't get it

23. My favourite cereal is coco-pops

24. The last film I watched was Casper

25. I always teach my family card games when we are on holiday, but I forget some of the rule, so I make up my own ones. So now they all play card games with really random rules

This was actually quite hard because I have already posted a lot of stuff about me on this blog. Anyway I hope you enjoyed these random facts.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Looking Back

I have had this blog for over a year now, and I was randomly wondering how much I have changed since my first ever post (which was in may 2012). So I had a look at it, and surprisingly not much has really changed.

I mean I am no longer obsessed with reading fanfiction or glee. But I am pretty sure that I have new TV show obsessions to replace that.

The other thing that I noticed was that in that first ever post I was worrying about choosing my A-level options. That is pretty similar to right now, in that I am now choosing which universities to apply to. I have pretty much chosen, but I still do this thing where I will keep changing my mind right up until the last minute. And then in the end I will choose what I chose in the first place. I don't know why that is, I am just really bad at making decisions. I am always scared that I will make the wrong ones.

Something that has changed since then is that I thought that I had to have my whole life figured out. Now I have decided what degree I want to do, but beyond that I have no idea. And that is okay. I don't have to decide everything now, because even if I do I will probably change mind by the time that time comes anyway.

Similarly to that first post, I am going to leave you with a quote from my favourite book:

"You spend your whole life stuck in the labyrinth, thinking how you'll escape it one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps you going, but you never do it. You just use the future to escape the present" - Looking for Alaska by John Green

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It's Halloween soon! I love Halloween, mainly because of the excuse to dress up, and the cool Halloween cakes and sweets and stuff.

Eerie eyeball pops
How great do these look?
Click here for the recipe. 
Me and my friend were planning our Halloween, and we have decided that we are going to have a Halloween themed movie night. I looove horror movies, but she hates them, so we have decided to watch some non-scary Halloween films.

Some of my favourites are: Coraline, The Corpse Bride, Paranorman, Monster House, The Scooby-Doo movie and The Addams family.

If you want to watch Horror Movies my top recommendations would have to be The Ring and Sinister. They are both so good!

I hope that everyone has an awesome Halloween, and if you are in the UK a great half term as well (only two days to go!).

Freya x