Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why I hate Public Transport

Yesterday me and a friend got the bus to another friends house (the one who's birthday it was). As you might know I am not a fan buses, and last time we tried to get the bus to her house it didn't work out too well (you can read about that here). So anyway it was about 5 o'clock, which meant that it was already dark. We couldn't remember which side the bus stop was on, so we were both looking out on either side for my friends road. And then the bus driver stopped at this random bus stop, and was like "you have to get off here, because I am going back to the town centre now". He had taken a shorter route and missed out a load of stops, just because he felt like it. So we got off the bus, and we were just standing at this random bus stop in the dark, by a creepy wood, with no idea where we were. We had to ring my friend to come and rescue us in the end!

Another thing that I hate on buses are people who have a conversation with their friend who is sitting at the other end of the bus. If you want to talk go and sit next to them, don't shout down the bus so that everyone has to listen to your conversation.

I generally prefer trains to buses, but sometimes there are really annoying people on trains too. Like today. I sat down by myself, and then this huge group of people came and sat around me. They were being really loud, and they were all drinking. Even though it was about 10am. It was just really annoying.

I also hate the people on trains who sit at a table when they are by themselves. Why not just sit in a two seat? They really don't need 4 seats to themselves. Oh and I also hate the people who make you move your stuff so that they can sit in the seat next to you, even though the carriage is pretty much empty. Why do that?

I hope you enjoyed this random little rant,

Freya x

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