Saturday, November 16, 2013


It is my friend's birthday today, so last night we had a little celebration. We watched movies, ordered a takeaway, and she is turning 18 (the legal age for drinking in the UK) so of course we had some alcohol. We didn't get drunk though. I have actually never been drunk, and right now I am not really in a hurry for that to happen. This quote from Looking For Alaska sums up my feelings about drinking pretty well:
But that night, the booze felt great, as the warmth of the wine in my stomach spread through my body. I didn't like feeling stupid or out of control, but I liked the way it made everything (laughing, crying, peeing in front of your friends) easier.
I like the way it makes you a bit happier, everything is a bit funnier, and the feeling of warmth throughout your body. But unlike some people I know I don't think you have to have alcohol to have fun. You definitely don't need to drink it all the time, or get drunk every weekend. Every once in a while it is quite nice though.

Freya x

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