Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This is Really Happening

I have accepted one university offer, chosen one as an insurance choice, and declined the other three. My student finance application has been completed and approved. Come September I will really be heading off to University.

I am so incredibly excited! My friends are nervous about school ending, moving away, and everything changing. But I can't wait for things to change. Not because my life is terrible - because it isn't. Or because I am unhappy - because I am not. But because I actually like change. I want the excitement of a new place. I want somewhere new, somewhere different, and altogether better. Somewhere where I can be whoever I want to be. Somewhere where I can completely reinvent myself and become a totally different person. Not that I will, but it is nice to know that the opportunity is there.

It is strange though, because this time last year I had a completely different plan in mind. I wanted to jet off to America for university, or take a gap year and become an Au pair. When I started thinking about this I wondered what had happened to that girl? The brave girl with big plans who was willing to throw caution to the wind and live while she was young. Am I still that girl? Or did I get scared and decide to take the safe option? Am I making a huge mistake? Am I going to regret not taking a gap year, or becoming an Au pair, or studying abroad?

These questions filled my mind. I didn't know what to do. And to be honest I still didn't know when I sat down to write this post. But that is one of the many wonderful things about blogging: it helps you to see things more clearly. For me it does anyway. Writing it all down helps me to organise my thoughts and figure things out. And now I know that I'm not making a mistake. Going to University here in England is the right thing for me.

Freya x


  1. Good luck and have fun in university! I hope that no matter what choice you make, it'll always bring you happiness :)

  2. That's awesome! Congrats on getting in! Was the university you accepted your first choice?
    I know what you mean about change. Even if you're happy in the life you're currently living, life gets monotonous without change. What made you change your mind about the other choices? :)
    Good luck in university! What are you studying?

    1. Thank you :) Yeah, the one I accepted was my first choice, and I'm going to study psychology. I'm not really sure what made me change my mind, haha. :)
      Are you planning on going to University?

    2. Awesome! I think psychology is a really cool subject. I'm taking a high school course in it right now. Yup! As far as I know, I would like to go to University. :) But I think I'd like to take a gap year to do some stuff first. :)