Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A night full of absolute Hilarity

On Monday evening I went on another trip to Brighton, this time to see Russell Howard. For those of you who don't know Russell Howard is a British Comedian, who also has a TV show - 'Russell Howard's good news'. Here is a little video I found on YouTube in case you are curious:

His TV show is hilarious, so I was pretty excited about seeing him live. He did not disappoint, I was laughing for pretty much the entire time! There are some jokes which can be a little awkward when you are with your parents (I went with my dad and two of my brothers), but he is still really really funny.

Have you been to see any comedians live?

Freya x  


  1. I died laughing!!! That was hilarious - especially when he said "like in daddy's videos?" LOL XD