Monday, March 24, 2014

Brighton and my First Ever Shift as a Waitress

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was a pretty busy one. On Saturday I went to Brighton to celebrate my friends birthday. We spent the morning shopping (with a hot chocolate break of course), and then went to an Italian restaurant in the lanes for lunch. Then after lunch we wandered round the lanes a bit. If you haven't been to Brighton, the lanes are all these tiny little streets full of cute little shops and caf├ęs. They are very easy to get lost in, and we ended up walking past the same shop about 5 times before we realised that we were going in circles.

We then walked down to the pier. It was really windy and cold, so we decided to stay inside in the amusements bit instead of going on the rides which are outside. We played air hockey and guitar hero, and attempted to win some teddy bears, and then went back to the high street for some more shopping. It was a really nice day, especially since I haven't been to Brighton for ages.

On Sunday I had a Trial Shift at a pub/restaurant near my house. I was really nervous because I have never Waitressed (is that a word?) before, and I am really clumsy so I thought I would spill a drink all down someone or something. It all went fine though, I only messed up once, and all I did was take someones card out of the machine too early so it didn't work. Not really a big deal. So I now have my first ever job (apart from babysitting, but that doesn't really count)!

Freya x


  1. Brighton sounds like a lovely place. Unfortunately, the only place I've every been outside of Canada is the States. But I've seen some clips of the kind of streets and cafes you're talking about in youtuber's vlogs lol.
    Ooh! Congrats on your first job! :)

    1. Brighton seems to be quite a popular place with youtubers doesn't it. :) My friend and I were quite upset that most of them are in America at the moment, because it would have been cool to just casually bump into Zoella or someone while we were wandering around!

  2. Shopping? And hot chocolate? That sounds like an awesome morning :) Congrats on your new job!!