Thursday, February 27, 2014

The time I accidentally booked a Driving Lesson during School

So today I thought I would tell you about the time that I accidentally booked a driving lesson during school time. Oh wait... that was yesterday. I haven't actually sorted the problem out yet.

So let me explain. I had a driving lesson yesterday, like I always do on a Wednesday. At the end of the lesson it came time to book a lesson for next week. I suddenly remembered that I couldn't do my usual time next week as I am going to a University visit day. So anyway, I suggested a different day and time that I thought I was free, and booked the lesson for then.

Our school has a two week timetable system, so it is different for week one and week two. My timetable stays pretty much the same, but I have a few single lessons instead of double lessons on a couple of days. So anyway, I was sitting in double psychology today, when suddenly at 12.00 everyone started packing up. I turned to the person next to me and said "Don't we have a double lesson today?"

Turns out it is next Thursday that I have a double lesson. But I already have a Driving Lesson booked for the second part of that double.

This leaves me with two options: skip class or cancel my driving lesson. Skipping Class would mean I have to find a way of convincing my mum to write a note saying I have a dentist appointment (or any other suitable appointment). Or I could of course just not turn up. But this is where we meet the second dilemma in the skipping-class solution. My classroom is right by the main door to go out of school, and has a huge window overlooking the car park - where my driving instructor will pick me up.

Now you are probably thinking just cancel the driving lesson. But the problem here is that my test is in two weeks time and so I really need that lesson.

Can anybody see some brilliant third option that I have completely overlooked? What would you do in this situation?

Freya x


  1. Yikes. :P I can definitely relate to overbooking myself.... can you reschedule so that you still get your lesson in before your test? I don't know what you could do other than the ideas you've already mentioned.

    Unless you happen to know the Doctor and can get a ride in the tardis.