Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Time I was a Rebel and Skipped Class

My life is pretty much made up of school, stress and exhaustion right now, and there really isn't much room for anything else. So I thought that rather than boring you with the (lack of) stuff going on in my life right now I would tell you a story from last year. In case you hadn't guessed from the title, this is about the time that I was totally rebellious and decided to skip class. I think that I may have actually skipped class before this, but basically me and my friend, Lu, decided to skip class in pretty much the dumbest way possible.

So last year I was really lucky to have German with one of my best friends, Gee. She wasn't there on this day, but I went to class anyway. Everyone who I normally sat with in German was away, apart from Lu, which was surprising as he did not even turn up that often. We were sitting there and it was pretty much the most boring and pointless lesson ever. We were all making a board about the German trip, which neither of us had actually gone on (me and Gee had been on the same trip a couple of years before). We figured that there really wasn't much point in us being there, so we hatched a plan to escape. I should probably mention that our teacher was new, so we figured that we would be able to get away with it. We decided that we wold tell our teacher that we were going to the Library to do some research because the laptops were too slow, and just hope that she didn't notice that we had all our stuff with us.

We just about managed to keep straight faces whilst asking or teacher if we could go the library, and we managed to subtly pick up our stuff as we walked out the door. As soon as we were out of the door we collapsed into giggles, we had made it out, our plan had worked, and it was the greatest felling ever.

So we walked into town and both went our separate ways home, and it wasn't until the next day when we received angry emails from the attendance officer that we remembered that we were supposed to go back at the end of the lesson. 

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