Sunday, July 22, 2012

A week in the life of me, Day 5

Today was another sunny day, so my family all decided to go sailing and forced me to come. Normally I would just stay home and babysit my little brother, but since he was sailing too I had to join in with my family. I don't mind sailing,but only on either some sort of luxury yacht (wouldn't that be nice?), or one of those tiny one man boats. I know this is strange, but to me one of those little boats feels much safer than the boat that my parents have. There wasn't much wind today so sailing was actually kind of fun, and I got to helm (steer) for most of it, luckily we were out at sea so there wasn't much for me to crash into!

We didn't get back from sailing til about 5 so that was all I did today really, apart from the usual watching TV etc. On the way to the sailing club we sat in the trailer, which was actually quite fun when my dad went fast :) We did get some strange looks from people who were probably thinking "so this is what people round here do for fun..." the fact that we were eating cupcakes and my little brother and cousin were trying to shoot people with water pistols may have added to the strangeness a little bit...

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