Sunday, July 22, 2012

A week in the life of me, Day 4

Sorry about my lack of a post yesterday. It was not because I was doing anything exciting, I watched Date Night and then tried to type it on my ipod, but it hates blogger so I couldn't actually type anything more than a sentence. This post will probably still be short because E is probably going to come round in a minute and no-one actually knows that I have this blog.

Yesterday was actually sunny, so most of the day was spent hanging out in my back garden with E, my brother and another one of my cousins. Then I got dragged to a barbecue full of old people by my family, so that was fun (haha not really). Then we cycled home, I watched Date Night and went to bed. Not a very exciting day, but since it is a rare occasion to have actual sun in this country sunbathing etc. was pretty nice.

Today is another sunny day so I am going to go and enjoy the sun, but now that I have turned my computer on I might be stuck here for a while...

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