Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guess what I have just got back from doing... driving! Me, my brother and my dad went out to get something, and my brother ('J') decided that he wanted to have a go at driving the car. We were in my mums car which already has a massive dent in so my dad agreed, if it had been his precious car there would have been no way!

We drove over to a track that goes to my house, and doesn't have any houses (or people for us to run over) along most of it, and J got in the front. There was a lot of my dad shouting "CLUTCH, CLUTCH!",  stalling the car and me laughing in the backseat, and then it was my turn. I adjusted the seat (my thirteen year old brother is taller than me!) and I was off!

Driving went pretty well... until we came to corner! I didn't steer enough or something, and suddenly all three of us were heading straight for a bush! My Dad was shouting at me and frantically turning wheel, and luckily we missed the bush, it wouldn't have been fun explaining to my mum why her car was in a bush by the side of the road! The car (and the three of us) came out of it unharmed though, so I don't think I did too badly! Especially since the last time I tried to drive a car was when I was 12 and me and my brothers stole the car keys. I didn't even make it out of the drive that time!

I can't wait til next year when I can drive now!

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