Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I go on study leave next Wednesday(!), and next year I'm starting sixth form, so this has made me think a lot about change. I hate change! Although I am actually quite excited about starting sixth form next year, and the fact I get to wear non uniform and there are going to be boys (I go to an all girls school at the moment).

I was also thinking about how much people change. For example I have known my friend 'K' since we were in nursery and we have (had) been best friends for ages. But over the past year she has changed so much, I feel like I barely know her any more. We used to talk all the time, and practically live at each others houses, but know the only time we see each other is when her mum takes us to the bus stop. Then when we get there she will go off and stand with other people thinking she is too 'cool' to stand with us. It's not just me that thinks this either though, my friend 'Bambi' feels exactly the same. Sorry I'm rambling, but I just hate it when people change like that, and act like you aren't even friends, don't you? And I realise that I have probably changed too, but I just really miss her since we used to be attatched at the hip!


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