Friday, February 1, 2013

The world is run by beautiful people

The other day at school we were learning about the value of appearances, and it was really quite surprising. 

Employees are more likely to hire good looking people, even at university interviews good looking people are favored. Women who have had plastic surgery earn more than they would have without it (but not as much as the cost of the surgery). And did you know that on average tall men are payed more than shorter men?

I think that that is really unfair because a person's appearance has nothing to do with how capable they are of doing a good job. I can understand that they are judged on their clothes, because you want someone who looks clean and well presented, rather than scruffy. But people can't change the way they look, so how can it be fair that beautiful people are more likely to get higher paying jobs?

Oh and we also watched this video:

I've seen it before, but I think that it is really amazing what can be done using Photoshop etc. We all need to remember that what we see in magazines and adverts isn't real, so (hard as it might be) we can't compare ourselves to that.

Freya x

p.s. I can't believe it is February already, January flew by so fast!

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