Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pointless worrying...

I am a total complete and utter idiot. Seriously, why do I do this to myself? I am going on this trip to Africa this summer and I just don't think I want to go any more. But now, typical me, I have left it too late to drop out. For a while I wasn't really sure if I wanted to go because none of my friends are going. And I am shy and awkward, and well me, so going to another country for 3 weeks with people I don't know very well just doesn't sound like it will be very fun. And I am starting to get nervous about it. The one girl who I knew the best, although not that well, just the sort of person who I smile at in the corridors has dropped out. She dropped out a while ago, but didn't tell any of us. So we only found out when we had a meeting a few weeks ago. 

My parents convinced sign up for the trip last year, when I mentioned it to them because me and a friend were both going to go. She decided she didn't want to go, but my parents convinced me to sign up anyway. Now they expect me to be really excited about it. But I just can't stop worrying. 

I suppose that there is nothing I can do about it now anyway, so I should stop worrying. There are only 6 other people going anyway, so I suppose it won't be too bad. I doubt that I will ever get an opportunity like this again, so I might as well take it. We are going to do charity work there, and stay with local people for a week. We are also going to go on a safari for two days, which is something I have always wanted to do. I hope am sure that I will enjoy it once I am there.

Freya x

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