Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I know that the paralympics are over now, but I am still catching you up on my summer... We managed to get tickets for athletics last monday, which was the day before I started school. I went up there with my family and just before we went through the security my mum realized that two of the tickets were for the next day! I know how stupid can my parents be! They then decided that we should try to get in with them anyway, which I knew wouldn't work, but did they listen? Of course not. And guess what happened... they scanned the tickets and said two were for the wrong day, and me and my dad had to be escorted out! How embarrassing is that?

Me and my dad got dinner at a yummy brazillian restaurant and then got on the train back home, he decided to drive straight to work (he works up north for most of the week) so I had to be picked up by his driver (who seems to have picked me up quite a few times this summer, he even took me and K to Essex so now everyone thinks that I am really rich! Which I am not by the way, well I don't think so anyway...). The night hadn't turned out too badly considering, until I got home and found all the doors and windows locked (a rare occasion in my house) and that my mum who was in the Olympic stadium had the key. By this time it was about 9.30 and I knew that my family wouldn't be back until midnight, so I didn't know what to do. Seeing as it was the first day of school the next day I couldn't really go round anyone's house so I decided to watch films in the summer house until they came home. That was fine until I decided to go to sleep, because then I kept hearing creepy sounds outside...

I went to the paralympics the next night and it was really good! I was so tired though after going to bed at about 12.30 and having to wake up at 6.30 two nights in a row!

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