Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exam Results

Here in England it was results day for January exams today. I got back the results for my Psychology and Human Biology exams that I sat in January. Let's start with the good: I got an A in Psychology! And now the not so good: in Human Biology I got a D. Well done me. I really messed that one up.

The worst thing is that I really wasn't expecting it. I came out of the exam thinking that I had done alright. So when I opened my results I was really surprised to see a D. Put that together with the fact that all of my friends had A's, and maybe the occasional B, and I was pretty unhappy. I felt better later on though, when I found out that the majority of my Biology class had not got very good results. There were only two people in our whole class who got an A.

I can retake the exam in the summer, so hopefully I will do better then. I just have to pay £15 and do a load more revision. I am not at all envious of next years A level students who won't have January exams, and won't have that opportunity. I think that it is unfair not to have re-takes because sometimes with all of the pressure, and the nerves you just don't do as well as you should have.

Freya x

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