Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey, so I realise that I have been away for a while - as I mentioned before I get a ton of Homework! I think I am getting used to it now though and hopefully I will start blogging more frequently again. I actually think I might do that 'a week in the life of me' thing again starting tomorrow, what do you think?

Hmm ok so let me update you on been going on in the past 20 days or so:
I realised that I really really really need to find a job because I need more clothes for school and I have to somehow get £1000 for my trip to africa in july. I applied for a job at boots last night so fingers crossed!
I think that's about it really... yeah I know my life is really exciting! ;)
Oh I thought of something else there is this boy in my sixth form who I think is really cute (never actually spoken to him, but still...), I told my friend this and then she went and told him I have a crush on him! So you know that's kind of awkward...

I actually wrote this post on Monday but completely forgot to finish/post it so I am just going to post it now anyway...

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