Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A little catch up - Summer and the Olympics

Hey guys, so I know I have been away for ages again but I do actually have an excuse this time! My cousin and aunt and uncle came to stay for 3 weeks, so I have not had any time for blogging or anything. I haven't really done much, we just spend most of our time swimming and playing badminton/tailgate/table
tennis/croquet etc. in my back garden.

I did however go to the Olympics! Twice! This is actually the first time that I have even watched much of the Olympics on TV and I am actually quite sad it has ended. There is still the paralympics though and hopefully we are going to get some last minute tickets for that too. I think that the paralympics is s amazing and inspiring, as is the normal Olympics - I think London 2012 definitely achieved its aim to 'inspire a generation'. I might even be inspired to be more sporty, if only there was a sport that I didn't completely fail at...

So anyway the first event I went to see was hockey, which I went to with my dad and two oldest brothers (they are 14). We got to see two matches, but unfortunately Great Britain weren't in either of them, it was still a lot of fun to watch and I was glad to have been able to go to the Olympics and into the park. The park is huge and it was great, there were so many different food stands and loads of things to do - we had a great day! There are big "park live" screens set up where you can watch Olympic events going on all over the country, and the atmosphere was great. It is also so easy to get there because from where I live you can take a high speed train right to the park which takes 30 minutes or something! (I don't live in London by the way.)

The second event I went to was the sailing (and windsurfing) in weymouth with my whole family. It was also fun to watch and there was again a great atmosphere, I didn't like it quite as much as the hockey though. We stayed in a shepherds hut on a campsite nearby for two nights and the day after we went to durdle door (well my parents did, but we were lazy and sat and ate the best ice cream ever while they walked there) and to the beach. You have to climb a huge hill and the view from the top is gorgeous, it does not look like dreary England at all! I will show you some pictures when I can find the lead for my camera :)

Those were pretty much the only times I left my house except to go to the beach or the shop and babysitting.  Oh except we also went to thorpe park, which is like the best theme park in the UK! It is so good! We went on a rainy day so it was really quiet and we barely had to queue (the longest queue was 20 minutes or something, whereas last summer when we went we queued for 1 hour 45 minutes for saw! It was worth it though).

 Stealth, which goes from 0-80mph in 1.8 seconds!                        

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