Monday, July 14, 2014

Victoria Sandwich Cake

Yesterday I decided to introduce my host family here in Germany to the most classic of British cakes: the victoria sandwich cake. I made it with my host kid, and despite me making up quantities myself, it turned out really well. Normally you would have two layers of cake sandwiched together, with cream or buttercream and jam or fruit. But we chose to do four layers. It was huge, and cutting it without it toppling over proved to be quite a task.


400g caster sugar (or 300g caster sugar and 100g Brown sugar - this is what we used, and I think that the Brown sugar was really nice in it)
400g butter
400g plain flour
6 eggs
1 sachet vanilla powder (I don't know what this is actually called, but we couldn't find vanilla extract so used this instead. Obviously you could use 1tsp vanilla extract).
1 sachet baking powder
A splash of milk

400ml double cream


1. Cream the butter and sugar. This will be easier if the butter is soft, and if you cut it up into smaller chunks. 
2. Add the eggs and half the flour, and whisk until they are mixed in. 
3. Add the rest of the flour and whisk. 
4. If the mixture is too thick add a bit of milk, and mix again. Continue doing this, until it looks about the right thickness. 
5. Add the baking powder an vanilla, and mix. 
6. Divide the mixture between four cake tins. We only had two, so we did two rounds of cooking. 
7. Cook at 175 degrees Celsius for about 20 minutes. A skewer inserted into the cake should come out clean. 

8. Leave the cakes to cool. While you are waiting, whip the cream and chop the strawberries. 
9. Once the cakes are cool, spread cream onto the first cake, and then put strawberries on top. Put the next cake on top and then do the same. 
10. Sprinkle a bit of icing sugar on top of the top cake

Freya x

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