Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello Again...

I haven't posted anything on her in ages because well to be honest with exams and revision and everything I just completely forgot about it. Whenever I'm not revising I can't be bothered to do anything but watch TV or try to sort out stuff for my trip to New York this summer (so excited!!!)

Anyway I saw this thing called 'currently' on another blog where you basically post about what you are currently doing (obviously), so here it is:

Reading: The Hunger Games - I think that I posted on here when I first got the books which was ages ago, and I am still only half way through the first book. Not because I don't like it - I love it even more than the film -    simply because as I mentioned earlier I haven't had any films.

Watching: A lot of things - I basically watch every show on e4! A show I have discovered recently is 'revenge' which is about a girl trying to get revenge on the people who framed her father when she was little.

Working on: I don't really think I'm working on anything at the moment, just trying to not fail all of my exams!

Listening to: Again it's really hard to pick just one thing, but at the moment I really love the song 'sweater weather' by The Neighbourhood. I am not really sure why, I just love it! 

Eating: Since study leave started I have been eating so much! I weighed myself the other day and I have gained almost half a stone, I haven't weighed myself in ages so not just in study leave (hopefully). The food that I have been eating loads of at the moment is rich tea biscuits - dipped in tea of of course. The bad thing is that they don't fill you up and I could actually just sit there and eat the whole pack without even realising!

Anticipating: The end of exams, My Birthday and New York! Unfortunately my last exam is on my birthday, but at least it will all be over. I going to New York the next day, and then when I get back it is Prom the next day so I am going to be pretty busy!

What are you guys doing at the moment?

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